10 April 2021:


At Swancon in Duxton 2 and online via (probably) Zoom 4pm Sunday 25th April.
0A. Last call for nominations for the Board of WASFF
0B. Last call for bids for the WARSFC (i.e. Swancon) for 2022

Meeting opens.

1. Apologies
2. Consideration of Minutes of the previous AGM
3. Matters arising from the previous AGM
4. Reports
Convention Steering Committee Co-ordinator
Swancon 2020 The Con That Didn’t Run
Swancon 45 2021

5. Appointment of Auditor
6. Appointment of a Returning Officer
7. Election of Organising Committee of the Western Australian Science Fiction Convention (Swancon 46 2022)
8. Election of Members of the board of WASFF (3 elected positions)
9. Motions on Notice: none.
10. General Business


Nominations for the 3 elected positions on the WASFF board must be received by the WASFF chair (Jack Bridges) before the start of the meeting.

This year, the con will be running in a blended mode, with some people attending in person and some people online. While we usually ensure that there are enough candidates to fill the Board positions by chatting to people at the convention, that may be harder to create this year with the blended mode. If you would like to see the board with all nine positions filled, please consider nominating, or check with Jack to see how many nominations he has received.


Bids for Swancon 2022 must be received by the WASFF chair (Jack Bridges) before the start of the meeting. Note that no bid was accepted in 2019 for Swancon 2021, so the CSC are directly running Swancon 2021, with help from a variety of people (notably co-convenor Sarah Parker). The CSC have expressed that they do not plan to do this twice in a row, so a Swancon in 2022 is dependent on a successful bid.

Bidding guidelines are:

Bid form is here:


At prior in person AGMs, we have provided written copies of past minutes and financials. Since it is now the future, we do not plan to do this this year. We will show these on projector screen during the meeting; they are available via the links in this notice for those who wish to follow along on their device during the meeting, and anyone who wants a paper copy is welcome to follow those links and print their own copy prior to the meeting

We usually provide paper copies of last minutes and previous year's financials. We will not do that this year. Please use the below link:

If you'd like to see the constitution, regulations and by-laws, they're at:

Last AGM's (draft) minutes are at:

In-progress minutes will be available at

for those who would like to read along.

Bids and Board nominations can be sent to Jack Bridges before the AGM at

Jack Bridges


Previous Announcements are documented here.