Past Events

Past successful events supported by WASFF include:

Swancon 2010 Contagion
Swancon 2010 Contagion was the 35th Western Australian speculative fiction convention, held over Easter 2010 (April 01-05) at the All Seasons Perth, in Northbridge. The Guests of Honour were Scott Sigler, Ian Irvine, Brendan McGuiness and Narelle Harris and with 300 people attending, Swancon 2010 was a success and an enjoyable time was had by all. Highlights included a full and varied programme, a hugely successful Iron Brain competition, a well attended masquerade, a very successful gaming room and art show.

Contact: Swancon 2009
The 34th Western Australian Science Fiction Convention was held over Easter 2009 (April 9th - 13th) at the All Seasons Perth, in Northbridge. Guests of Honour included Richard Morgan, Trudi Canavan, Theresa Anns, Rob Masters & Alicia Smith. Highlights of Contact: Swancon 2009 were the Masquerade, Art Show, Guest of Honour speeches, and Awards Ceremony.

Swancon 2008: State of the Art
Swancon 2008 was the 33rd Western Australian science fiction convention and the 47th Australian national science fiction convention, held over Easter 2008 (March 20-24) at the All Seasons Perth, in Northbridge. The Guests of Honour were Ken MacLeod, Rob Shearman, Glenda Larke and Zara Baxter and with over 400 people attending, Swancon 2008 was a great success.

Swancon 2007: Inconceivable!

Following a long tradition of spur-of-the-moment decisions, the Swancon 2007 committee was formed the day before the 2005 AGM. Convened by Michael Dawson, Swancon 32: Inconceivable! ran over the Easter Weekend (5th - 9th April 2007) with Elizabeth Moon and David Gerrold as its International Guests of Honour. Other guests included Matthew Reilly, Shane McCarthy, Russell B. Farr and Damian Magee. Highlights included a full and varied programme, a hugely successful Masquerade with dozens of wonderful costumes and a jam packed art show.

Fandomedia 2006: Hunger

Fandomedia 2006, held 29th September to October 1st, was a conference held at the Emerald Hotel in Perth boasted Marianne de Pierres and Lyn Battersby as its Guests of Honour. The event attracted over 80 people for a weekend exploring the concept of 'Hunger' in its many guises and how it related to the speculative realm. This conference was coordinated by Jaunita Landéesse and won a 2007 Tin Duck award for 'Best Unpaid or Fan Production' at Swancon 2007.

Slashgrrl Con 2

Slashcon 2 was coordinated by Elaine Kemp and held at Fairbridge on May 5-7, 2006, trialing a two night convention, starting with a dinner Friday night when con-goers arrived at Fairbridge after work.

First group discussion was Shiny! Or Pimp Your New Obsession. Then it was Story Time, until people went to bed.

Programming Saturday morning started with The Relevance of Slash to Queer Identity. Then there was Art for People Who Don’t Do Art, featuring the advanced pastel technique of Smooshing. Then Jenna reprised her icon-making workshop from the previous slashcon.

After lunch was The Joys of Het, followed by a workshop on beta reading given by Fee. Jenny gave an impromptu session on pimping a fandom, the Cathy led a Turning Brainstorming into Plot workshop.

After dinner, Elaine read from the novel she’d sold until her voice failed, then it was Storytime, followed by a late night video programme.

Sunday morning was dedicated to the video programme, followed by clean up.

Swancon 2006: Renaissances

In 2006 Swancon invited paragons of fantasy fiction Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon to share their experience with the community. Also invited was a return guest Ippongi Bang, a well known manga artist from Japan. Over 300 people attended the March long weekend convention which also featured an Art Show, Book Launches and the 2006 Tin Duck awards. The Convenor for Renaissances was Ken McCaw.

Swancon 2005: Swancon XXX

Helping celebrate the 30th Swancon were guests Charles de Lint, MaryAnn Harris, Grant Watson, and Anna Hepworth. Chaired by Elaine Kemp and held at the Emerald hotel during Easter 2005, the convention included an art show, book launches, and the 2005 Tin Duck awards.