Board members are elected to WASFF on an annual basis during the Annual General Meeting. This meeting typically takes place on the Sunday morning of Swancon and any member of Swancon is welcome to attend and vote.

Current Board Members (2014-2015):

Chair: Doug Burbidge
Treasurer: Jack Bridges
Administrator: Anna Hepworth
Board Member: PRK
Board Member: David Cake
Board Member: Sarah Parker
Board Member: Stephen McGlone
Board Member: Cathy Cupitt
Board Member: Alexis Hemsley

The Convention Steering Committee (CSC) is a subcommittee of WASFF, with six voting members - three WASFF Board members and three Swancon Convenors (past, current and future Swancons). Additionally, it can co-opt non voting members.

Current CSC Members (2014-2015):

WASFF Board Member: PRK (Chair)
WASFF Board Member: Jack Bridges
WASFF Board Member: David Cake
Swancon Co-Convenors: Chris Coman & Samara Morgan (Swancon 2014)
Swancon Convenor: Kat Griffiths (Swancon 2015)
Swancon Convenor: Isobel White (Swancon 2016)
Non Voting Member: Doug Burbidge
Non Voting Member: Rohan Wallace

A list of Previous Board & CSC Members is also available.