Running an Event

WASFF exists as a parent body to assist community members in running an event (normally run as a subcommittee of WASFF).

WASFF can provide:

  1. Assistance in putting together a proposal to be presented at a board meeting.
  2. Assistance in drafting a budget for the event, including advice based on past experience.
  3. A bank account if required.
  4. Seed funds if required.
  5. Support and advice based on previous experience to promote the success of the event.
  6. Insurance coverage for the event under WASFF's insurance policy.

In return, WASFF requires the following from event subcommittees:

  1. A proposal describing the event, who is involved, how it will be run, and rough costing for the event.
  2. Once the proposal is approved at a board meeting, a budget is required
    listing specific expenses and income over the course of the event.
  3. The event should be budgeted to include return of all seed money plus 10% to WASFF.
  4. A status update be provided to the Board for each meeting using the attached template.
  5. If requested by the Board, one representative from the committee to attend a Board meeting.
  6. Advance warning if unexpected problems occur, especially if additional funding may be required.

To run a Swancon, a Bid form must be filled out and presented to the WASFF Board approximately two years before the proposed convention dates. This should be done before the WASFF AGM, traditionally held during each year's Swancon, where a vote may be called if there are multiple bids.

More information about bidding to run a Swancon is available at

Regardless of the size of the event, the Red Book is an ongoing project to provide a planning resource for running an event.