April 6th, 2014:

2014 AGM Notification


At Swancon, in the Provence room of the Ibis Styles hotel in Northbridge on Sunday the 20th of April, 10:30am.


0A. Last call for nominations for the Board of WASFF
0B. Last call for bids for the WARSFC (i.e. Swancon) for 2016

Meeting opens.

1. Apologies
2. Consideration of Minutes of the previous AGM
3. Matters arising from the previous AGM
4. Reports
Convention Steering Committee Co-ordinator
Swancon 38 2013
Swancon 39 2014
Swancon 40 2015
5. Appointment of Auditor
6. Appointment of a Returning Officer
7. Election of Organising Committee of the Western Australian Science Fiction Convention (Swancon 41 2016)
8. Election of Members of the board of WASFF (3 elected positions)
9. Three Motions on Notice:

That in section 2 of the constitution, “Objectives of WASFF”, all four instances of "science fiction" be changed to "speculative fiction".
Moved Stephen McGlone, seconded Cathy Cuppitt.

That by-law 1.1 be changed to read: “ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES: The objectives of WASFF shall also cover speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, fan writing, fan art, fan remix culture, and cosplay in the same way that it covers science fiction. This is not intended to be an exclusive list.”
Moved Stephen McGlone, seconded Cathy Cuppitt.

That regulation be changed from "Convenor:..." to "Convenor(s):..."
Moved Samara Morgan.

10. General Business

Bids for Swancon 2016 must received by the WASFF chair (Doug Burbidge) before the start of the meeting. Guidelines and a bid form are available:

Swancon Bidding Guidelines

Swancon Bid Form

Nominations for the 3 elected positions on the WASFF board must be received by the WASFF chair (Doug Burbidge) before the start of the meeting.

The first two motions on notice are intended to be starting points for discussion rather than take-it-or-leave-it. Further, they're expected to be mutually exclusive: if we pass one, we won't pass the other.

Attached are past minutes, plus a series of accounts for both the 2012 and 2013 calendar years. I will only bring a limited number of paper copies of these reports to the meeting, so if there's a particular one you're interested in, bringing your own copy may be recommended.

If you'd like to see the constitution, regulations and by-laws, they're at:

-- Doug Burbidge

WASFF 2013 AGM Minutes
Financial Accounts

Previous Announcements are documented here.